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Jamie Lundmark AHL player of the month

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Jamie Lundmark has been named CCM/AHL’s player of the month. Eight years in and Jamie is puttin some serious marks on his opponents. I guess his 19 points in 13 games (5 goals and 14 assists) and a couple 4 point nights (San Antonio and Peoria) will mos def strengthen his case.


Believe it or not… Lundmark is only the 2nd Flame ever to be named the AHL player of the month (1st was Grant Stevenson). 


I’ve been watching Lundmark for quite some time now, and i have also grown very fond of him. He’s a very aggressive and smart player…he just plays my kind of hockey… hopefully he gets a shot at the NHL level for Calgary this season. Thank god they signed him again in July 2k8.


‘…Damn I’m Cold…’

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‘Hot damn i’m cold..’

what’s crackin?…. Just figured that i’d drop a little insight on my current state…. thus i leave you with…. ‘take it how ya like it’……

‘champaign just ain’t tastin’ right…… bustin’ shit up…. trying to push some decent artwork whilst gettin’ along…. working on a truly MASSIVE musical project….. not to mention MOGGY BOSH…. and don’t you dare forget the half finished shit with my boy chris… which is currently on a minor/ probably major delay…



Just to let you know… i’ve been hittin up a lota:

the Chef 


Bun B

Prodigal Sunn (i know it’s been awhile… he’s got a lot of dank feat. tracks too though)

Killah Priest and Cheif Kamachi

…. tons of good music in circulation right about now…. so… break those limes, twist a b and burn it up, turn it up, and don’t forget to earn it and build it up


anyways… hit up up… ‘it’s a underground thing…’ pz

p.s. Sorry for so many Bun B Trill II quotes…. it just fits.