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The Chronicles of Iggy

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Beautiful video from NHL goal #1 to becoming the Flames all-time point getter

Courtesy of the NHL and FlamesTV


Gary Roberts hangs up the skates after a 22-season bout

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sad to say the stud Gary Roberts has finally chose to end his 22-season career.

…I really wish Calgary would have been able to take Roberts to the playoffs this season… i really thought it would happen, but then you have to look at the big names and the salary cap….

Original Article by John McGourty from 


Roberts rode with the Flames in ’89 all the way to the Stanley Cup… a game six victory in Montreal… the only visiting Cup victory in Montreal by the way… of course Lanny McDonald got the fitting game winner.72466461BB013_Legends_Class

Roberts was the first round pick for the Flames in the 1984 NHL Entry Draft and played a hell of a bout for the Flames. lotsa years. lotsa games.

anyhow… i’m still kind of surprised that the Flames didn’t pick him up for the ride this season. I guess the Olli deal was the closer.

Looking back to008

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A big part of my musical experience 2008 was def a lot of electronic/psytrance/darkpsy.  A few of my favorites from 2008 would have to be…

probably #1….

AKD “Progressing”


AKD is a 3 man project based in Israel, and this is their 2nd release (only 5 years after their first).  I absolutely love this album. In my mind…. this has got to be pure progressive trance music. Very atmospheric… just very very good.


1 ) Archaic Myth

2 ) Alliance of Love

3 ) Evolving Spirits 

4 ) Crystal Storm Breath 

5 ) Purifying release 

6 ) Freedom From Reincarnation

7 ) Tender Elevation 

8 )New Style Trance

(My I-tunes strategy for good playlists is to mark the tracks that i really like and think are the best on the album with 5 stars (*****))   

My 5 Star tracks for this album are most def. “Alliance of Love”, “Evolving Spirits”, and “New Style Trance”

Other Albums toward the top of this list:

Gorump Peyya “Mystery Of Nitzzy”


I’m sure a lot of fans out there are most familliar with Gorump Peyya (Metodi Kocev) in his collaboration of “Isentropic” with Jigar Shah (Silent Horror).

Kocev is based in Macedonia, and i really hope he keeps his trend in the output of tracks in the coming years. I think Kocev and Shah are pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes to darkpsy (along with a few others of course).

PTX  “Color Your Ears”


PTX (Patrick Chen) is really takin shit head on. I would describe PTX… if i had to… as pretty much full on trance, but with a decent dose of psychedelics. My favorite tracks on this album would mos def be “Visionary”. I would give this track consideration for the best track of 2008. Absolutely beautiful.


Tutankhamon 9000 “Lost in Luxor”


Tutankhamon 9000 is a darkpsy duo from Finland. I’m in love with this disc… everything about it….. it’s very dark, energetic, psychedelic, shit you can move and groove to. …. not to mention the album artwork is some of my favorite ever!

I think i’ll have to leave this one at 4 picks…. they are all def way up there. I think that most of my trance favorites have come out in 2007 or 2008. I’ll have to do other styles of music sometime here soon for you.

anyways… I’ll be around.

2009 time bit-ches!

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oh yeah… i pretty much forgot about this blog… sorry for the late post…

Alas… year 2009 has finally fallen upon us.     … what to say..???….. yeah 2008 was def a blast… one of the best years i’ve had in a while despite the few random occasions. Tons of fun times, shitloads of incredible new music, millions of new stories…..


i’ve still been thinking a lot about writing a book… something just about ordinary life…. (2008 would have a dece chunk….. new years, eviction mayhem party, new appt happenings, thanksgiving beerfest to just name a few..) 



anyhow… my artwork is still comin along. slower than ever, but when i find time to kill it… shit really goes down. For 2009 i really wanna get the art website updated and smooth as fuck. ( i still have to hit up RBeaster about that)


anyways… so far in 2009 i’ve really been listening to a lot of older classics… like the very first compact disc i ever got…. “No Way Out” by Puff Daddy and the Family…….


anyways I’ll try to keep this current… sometime soon i’d like to get up a best of 2008 albums and tracks list ( i still need more listens to truly determine… and with a couple of ‘best of’ discs from Ms. Kay ‘Miggity’ Mazza… i should be able to put together a very accurate representation.

anyways…. i’ll be around

‘…Damn I’m Cold…’

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‘Hot damn i’m cold..’

what’s crackin?…. Just figured that i’d drop a little insight on my current state…. thus i leave you with…. ‘take it how ya like it’……

‘champaign just ain’t tastin’ right…… bustin’ shit up…. trying to push some decent artwork whilst gettin’ along…. working on a truly MASSIVE musical project….. not to mention MOGGY BOSH…. and don’t you dare forget the half finished shit with my boy chris… which is currently on a minor/ probably major delay…



Just to let you know… i’ve been hittin up a lota:

the Chef 


Bun B

Prodigal Sunn (i know it’s been awhile… he’s got a lot of dank feat. tracks too though)

Killah Priest and Cheif Kamachi

…. tons of good music in circulation right about now…. so… break those limes, twist a b and burn it up, turn it up, and don’t forget to earn it and build it up


anyways… hit up up… ‘it’s a underground thing…’ pz

p.s. Sorry for so many Bun B Trill II quotes…. it just fits.