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Curt G in a baffling bout with the Wild

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…I should have done my laundry earlier… lucky sweater lost for the last two Flames games… they get shut out both times… didn’t get it washed after a loss…250px-curtis_glencross1

result: Flames get shut out 2 games in a row…. Curtis Glencross plays his ass off against Minnesota…. gets his chances… the Flames Get Two Goals Called Off in About 20 Seconds (click for article) end up out shooting the wild by almost a three fold..

still a win, but shit man.

pic from (here)


The Chronicles of Iggy

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Beautiful video from NHL goal #1 to becoming the Flames all-time point getter

Courtesy of the NHL and FlamesTV

Screw on the Silencers

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I’m so sick of Flames fans’ negative comments lately. Hell yeah I miss Lombo… and you should know that!!!  Olli is damn good, but i have to agree that he needs to be on a line with Bertuzzi and Bourque. He’s the perfect center for that line… they’ll rip a ton of points.

…as far as Olli being the #1 centre that the Flames have been looking for quite some time is absurd. If you ask me, Conroy and Langkow have been hella centres for the Flames. Points aren’t the only thing… any real Flames fan knows how they contribute/contributed.

Yeah… I do like the fact that the Flames were able to land Olli this deadline…. i thought it would happen last year.

…and I also like the Flames chance this year… been sayin it since day one… then the deadline… I agree totally with Mike Gallant (Chestermere) who commented on the flames. ‘Good Year So Far!’ (click for link)

nothing else to say after you read his post. Thanks Mike!

Gary Roberts hangs up the skates after a 22-season bout

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sad to say the stud Gary Roberts has finally chose to end his 22-season career.

…I really wish Calgary would have been able to take Roberts to the playoffs this season… i really thought it would happen, but then you have to look at the big names and the salary cap….

Original Article by John McGourty from 


Roberts rode with the Flames in ’89 all the way to the Stanley Cup… a game six victory in Montreal… the only visiting Cup victory in Montreal by the way… of course Lanny McDonald got the fitting game winner.72466461BB013_Legends_Class

Roberts was the first round pick for the Flames in the 1984 NHL Entry Draft and played a hell of a bout for the Flames. lotsa years. lotsa games.

anyhow… i’m still kind of surprised that the Flames didn’t pick him up for the ride this season. I guess the Olli deal was the closer.

Trade Deadline NHL 09

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wow…. that’s all I have to say…. I definitely thought the Wild would make a decent amount of moves…. I also figured that the Flames would hold their guys…. little did I know that the Wild would keep quiet and the Flames would make the blockbuster move of the deadline


Calgary received Olli Jokinen from Phoenix. (a major move)…. and Jordan Leopold is returning to the Flames roster.



I don’t know weather or not I like the Jokinen deal yet…. I mean… Matthew Lombardi and Brandon Prust are hella players. I’m a huge fan of both, and it’s sad to see them go. I think Lombardi and Prust are gonna make Phoenix a force… Lombardi with his speed and puck handling skills and Prust with his very active physical play…. plus Phoenix has been a huge mover at this deadline… picking up Petr PruchaNigel Dawes, and Dmitri Kalinin for Derek Morris…. they also got rid of Daniel Carcillo for Scottie Upshall…. both players are quality, but i’d like to think that Phoenix got the better of the deal with Upshall….

anyhow… the Calgary Flames now have a top-line centre. I’m really anxious to see if they will put him on a line with Mike Cammalleri and Jarome Iginla…. personally I think that they should put Olli on the first line til they hear back from Bertuzzi and Bourque.

the only thing with this trade for Olli is….. will the flames resign Cammalleri with Olli Jokinen now in the lineup?  I, personally, believe that it would be anything short of retarded to not sign Cammalleri…. the chemistry that he and Iginla seem to have is unstoppable.

Sad news continues as I hear that the Flames dealt Kevin Lalande


I always felt that Kevin is going to be a solid goal-tender in the Hockey Leagues. He was handed to the Blue Jackets for a 4th round draft choice in 2009…. Draft picks important as the flames deal their first pick (2009 or possibly 2010) to the  Coyotes and their 2nd round pick to Colorado

I am; however, happy to see Leopold back in a Flames jersey. Everyone knows how well Robyn Regehr clicked with Jordan Leopold on the blue line.

Boogaard…. I just can’t stand…

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Official Post (click)

Now… don’t get me wrong… I love the Minnesota Wild, but there are a few players I just can’t stand. Don’t ask me why, but the Wild have kept hold of some garbage players…. one being Derek Boogaard.



Boogaard delivered a dirty elbow with about a minute left in the 4-1 Flames win to a newly recovered Brandon Prust…. Prust is probably down again.. they say possible concussion. Damn I’m still pissed. My neighbors down below are probably still pissed at me for yellin at the tube for a decent while.

anyhow… Boogaard is suspended for the next 5 games…. (them being all on the road against good teams) and ticketed a decent $23,521.50  … what a dumbshit. 

The only thing that makes me happy in this situation is to remember the bout between Boogaard and Eric Godard….. ahhhhhhh…. thats better (see for yourself via youtube here)

hopefully the Wild make a bunch of moves for some bigger/ better players

anyways… i’ll bee around

Iggy lookin for #831

Posted in My Brand of Sports on February 25, 2009 by Nickolaus

yessir. Once again I’m talkin about the stud formally known as Jarome Iginla tearing record books apart.


Iggy is now facing the Calgary Flames all-time point record…. at 830 points held now by the great Theo Fleury.


…of course tonight’s game against the Blue Jackets mos def helped his campaign… netting a goal almost a minute into the game, an empty netter and a pair of assists. I think now we can truly say he’s outta that little scoring slump he was in for a while.

anyways… keep posted on the race for #831 @

I’ll be around fo sho.

Iginla pic taken from

Fleury pic taken from ProAtheltesOnly