White Rabbits


I was recently turned onto White Rabbits by my boss… she burned me a copy to peek… i blazed one… and loved it!

White Rabbits is a six piece ‘Indie Rock’ band originally from Columbia, Missouri… now in NYC. They already have 2 LPs… the first (Fort Nightly) was released in 2007, and It’s Frightening is the follow up released this year (2009)

It’s Frightening is easily the best Rock/Alternative/ Indie/ whatever the fuck you wanna call it…. album that i’ve heard in a LONG time. The musical ability and creativity of these cats is unbelievable for me…. especially on the tracks ‘They Done Wrong/ We Done Wrong’ and ‘The Salesman (Tramp Life)’

Their overall sound is very unique, but if i had to describe them… i would probably say Sonic Youth crossed with …Trail of Dead and a little splash of good Radiohead.

This album is solid from first to last note… I would definitely recommend a complete listen through. My favorite track might be ‘Midnight and I’ although i really enjoy every song on this release.


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