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Iggy lookin for #831

Posted in My Brand of Sports on February 25, 2009 by Nickolaus

yessir. Once again I’m talkin about the stud formally known as Jarome Iginla tearing record books apart.


Iggy is now facing the Calgary Flames all-time point record…. at 830 points held now by the great Theo Fleury.


…of course tonight’s game against the Blue Jackets mos def helped his campaign… netting a goal almost a minute into the game, an empty netter and a pair of assists. I think now we can truly say he’s outta that little scoring slump he was in for a while.

anyways… keep posted on the race for #831 @

I’ll be around fo sho.

Iginla pic taken from

Fleury pic taken from ProAtheltesOnly


I guess I call it artwork…

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Thank someone… my dear compadre RBski is set to revamp the artsite!!!!

NDHart@soulflyweb (click)

hopefully I can hunt down some lost paintings (the mannequin (8432) for one)

I know I have a shit-ton of new pics and paintings to be uploaded, so hopefully…. RB and I can get it all sorted out… I still need to take a bunch of pics… because the ones that I do actually have are older paintings for sure…


Anyhow… I gotta get back to the canvas… I know you all will mos def dig this new shit…. some of the most complicated and advanced art that I’ve ever attempted for sure. 

I’ll keep it posted, and I’ll always be around… PZhpim07781

oh yeah… dont forget to get the low on the music/ creative arts @ MindInversion (Click…duh! dumb shit!) about Miikka Kiprusoff!?

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What can I say… the Flames game last night was def entertaining, but rather depressing as well….. Flames loose 4-3 in the shootout to Vancouver.

On the positive…. how about Miikka Kiprusoff!!!!!   I never doubted, but he’s been absolutely insane lately…. pullin saves outta nothin! Those ridiculous back-2-back saves followed by the UNBELIEVABLE stick save on the empty net….. on the same power play!!! Check it yourself via FlamesTV @ Highlights

Iginla finally dropped his goal scoring slump even though Roberto Luongo was his normal stingy self with a few dandy saves….including that point-blank-blast from Dion. damn.

Anyhow it was a very important game and I feel that Calgary will pull though on this road trip coming….@ Minnesota thurs. 19th…. then to Edmonton sat. 21st…. both huge games… this is really intense for me you must understand… i have no doubt the Flames will advance to a playoff spot; however, I feel they need to be in that #1 seed. The Wings and the Sharks aren’t all that impressive lately.

anyways… I’ll be around …. and in Madison to watch the Badgers on the 21st!

Check out more of Calgary’s highlights via Calgary Flames  and FlamesTV 

Photo taken from BBC News photo of the day @…/ photos_of_the_day/4933260.stm

Once Again…

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I’m here….buzzed and watchin/ and or…. listening to the Flames…. Wearin the lucky sweater…. even though it’s Freddy Kruger style.

ahaha…. currently the 2nd intermission… flames 3 – Avs 4….

The Wings already won a few hours ago, but i still hope that Calgary can keep workin their way up towards the Sharks…..

Few Key Points:  …..MIKE CAMMALLERI….. !!!!!!…. i’m glad he’s clicked like I knew he would since I heard the deal…. only more goals to come.


2 ) Adrian Aucoin…. always one of my favorite D Men…. hard shot…remember that skills comp slap shot with a wooden stick??!? yea.


3 ) Jarome Iginla …. COME ON!!! you know the name… thus, nothing else to say.

Kipper is lookin good… hopefully we’ll get to see more of Curtis McElhinney… despite the talks of a more experienced backup for Kipper… I still think McElhinney is solid for sure.


We’ll see. (Flames still losing…. 3-4…. Calgary’s defense has gotta get up in this now… 15 mins left in the 3rd.)

Anyways… Flames are most def the hottest team in the NHL… ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!!