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New painting…. “8.4”

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now currently in possession of TimAye Alties-malties-schmalties-ballties


Elixer (Painting)

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Water is the...

Water is the...



This is a painting that i did about a year ago, and it’s one of my favorites.

18″ x 15 3/4″ 


Completed 6/6/07 @ 1:38 AM (CT)





Now currently in possession of A. Bromsons


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Now is the time! Vote now to put your Calgary Flames in the 2k8 ALL*STAR game!






How could you not??? you’ve already got Jarome, Dion, Robyn, and Miikka on the ballot for you… now you just have to write a couple in!





 Voting is now open! Click here to vote for your favorite Calgary Flames.



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Resident Patient II

i must say….. damn son.  I dont know what to call it… a Mixtape… whatever…

I really dont know what to write…. Classic INS plus some. Feel the ol’WUstyle baby!….. I need many many more listens to truly be able to post a good review…

thus far, all i can give you is that ‘The Resident Patient 2″ is off my charts… despite all the criticism i hear about it…. i still think INS keeps it deep, hard, true, with supreme lyrics… and laces it all with unimaginably perfect visions…. fits perfect.

these are the tracks as i recieved:

1: Monster 
2: Feel Good 
3: Streets 
4: Queen 
5: No Words At All 
6: Ya’ll Niggaz 
7: Who’s Who? 
8: S.I. 
9: Gotta Luvit 
10: Certified 
11: U Know U No G 
12: Monster 2 
13: Everybody Ride
14: A Rebel 
15: Wooden Soldier 
16: What’s it All About?
17: Nobody But You 
18: Hood 
19: N.Y.C. 
20: Do it 2 Def 
21: Sometimes 
22: How I Get Down 
23: Swaggin

I’ll have to see if i can find a link to some streams…. i was told their myspace, but…

anyways… i’m interested in some opinions… especially if your a Wu-Fanatic like me son

let me know… i’ll be around.

some old work sign drawings finally captured

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flowerCowboy Turtle (w/ fingers)

Cowboy Turtle (w/ fingers)


i just had to get those pics up before i loose the original drawings. anyways… if i can find some more survivors, i will post um. anyways… i’ll be around.


Stand clear and Imma’tell you what it is

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i’ve finally found a good table to make my beer-bottle-cap collage… pics soon to come. Plus i’ve got a shit-ton of photos to upload on here. Shit…

i still need some people to get some really good pictures of the paintings that i hooked up so i can post um… (u know who u r)

Plus… i worked on producing some visions for my boy Chris G… in the works, but on a minor delay due to to legal reasons…. the raw versions will be up very soon,….. plus some more new Heise originals. i hope i can get shit done because i’ve got a couple days off of work here now.

probably tomm if i dont end up going to madtown. 

anyways… keep an eye out.

i’ll be around.